the morning after one screen

The Morning After, part one

The Morning After  part two

The Morning After, part two

hit me with another one bartenderweb

Hit Me With Another One, Bartender

grey suit red tieweb

grey suit red tie

deep contemplationweb

deep contemplation

blues travelerweb

Blues Traveler

blue funkweb

blue funk

black dress white gloves

black dress white gloves

blue wall red chairweb

blue wall red chair

Vin Rouge

Vin Rouge on Ninth Street




Portrait of Bailey

East of Martin

East of Martin

punch drunk

Punch Drunk

Musical Compilation

Musical Compilation

Untitled piece with lilies

Untitled with lillies – SOLD –

Intha Fisherman

Intha Fisherman

Maasai Woman

Maasai Woman Adorned With Beads

Durham Rams Baseball

Durham Rams Baseball (Negro League)

Dave The Maestro

The Maestro


Do It The Biltmore Way


Parrish Street















Singin’ The Blues


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