Pricing for logos will normally be in the range between $400-$1200, pending on the size and complexity of the business.

To begin, I will have a conversation with the client to figure out what they are looking for in the logo that will best promote the company brand.

Next, pricing will be discussed. After the price has been established, the client will pay a nonrefundable deposit for two or three preliminary sketches. The nonrefundable deposit will be a third of the agreed-upon price.

After the client views the preliminary drawings, they will offer their ideas in moving forward with the process. Another drawing will be submitted to the client according to their specifications. Afterwards, a second payment will be made, equaling another third of the agreed-upon price.

Once the client gives their approval on the final drawing, a computer-generated version will be created and viewed by the client. The final payment will be made, ensuring a pdf, jpeg, and gif versions of the logo, formatted for the screen, print, and the internet. This part will then end of the contract. The final logo will also be used in building my portfolio to show to future clients.


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